3D Magicmantra Download Disclaimer

By using any of 3D Magicmantra 's downloads or by advancing further within this site, o r by accessing the following download pages you and/or your company explicitly agree with these following terms and conditions.

3D Magicmantra, and all its contents, is copyrighted by 3D Magicmantra Inc. 2004-2005, unless specifically stated (As with many case in the libraries and galleries) All of the models/texture maps available on 3D Magicmantra maybe used royalty-free in your own work but they may not be used for any commercially or profit related purposes of any kind. Also, these meshes/textures may not be sold individually or included in, or sold as, or provided for free in, a collection of any kind or any other electronic transfer methods. .

By sending us your geometry and/or images confirms that you and your company willingly and fully grant 3D Mangicmantra the rights to distribute the submitted works without compensation.

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